Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How many and which agencies will be housed in the center?
A:  While the Coalition does not want to name organizations and then inadvertently omit someone, we can state that any youth serving organization will be eligible and that the Coalition will develop a selection process and criteria as necessary. The number of organizations housed in the center will depend on the demand and the size of the building. Both of these factors will be determined throughout the strategic planning process.

Q:  How much will it cost and who’s going to pay for this project?
A:  The budget and fund development process will assist us in determining the projected costs as well as our funding sources.  At this point in the process, we believe success will be in a plan that will heavily leverage local dollars with outside funding sources.

Q:  Who will own the building?
A:  It is the intention of the Coalition to own the building.

Q:  When RMYC moves out of the existing house and into the new building, what will happen to the house?
A:  It is the intention of RMYC to convert the stone house back to a residential dwelling and to utilize it as affordable housing for interns, volunteers, AmeriCorps members, VISTAs, etc to live while working with youth serving organizations and schools in Routt County.

Q:  What percentage of the new building will be occupied by RMYC?
A:  It is the intention of the Coalition to house as many as 10–12 youth-serving organizations in the building, as well as provide storage, meeting spaces, and other amenities. The proportion of the building that is occupied by each agency, RMYC included, will correspond with the number of staff and storage needs that agency has.

Q:  What will happen to the rest of the land that RMYC owns at the property?
A:  A portion of the land will need to be used for parking. It is the intention of RMYC to continue to use the remaining land for existing storage buildings, programming, and other organizational needs and to open up the use of the land to other Coalition agencies as needed.  One example is the Greenhouse that the Yampa Valley Autism Program is constructing on the property. The Greenhouse will be owned and operated by YVAP and the land will be leased for $1 per year for 100 years.

Q:  Are religious-based youth services included in those that are interested in being a part of this center?
A:  Any organization providing youth services in Routt County will be eligible.