Horizons Specialized Services

Horizons Specialized ServicesOrganization Name:  Horizons Specialized Services

Agency Description:
We work with 0-3 to identify and provide services for those babies with developmental delays.
We also provide Family Support to all ages of identified children or adults.
Horizons also works with adults with developmental delays providing Supported Living Services, Group Homes and Day Programs.

Phone Number:  (970) 871-8558

Website:  http://Horizonsnwc.org

Organization Nickname / Acronym:  Horizons

Type of Organization:  Non-Profit

Street Address:  430 Yampa

Mailing Address:  PO Box 774867 Children’s Office

Email:  knorthcutt74@Comcast.net

Alternate Phone Number:  (970) 879-4466

Fax Number:  (970) 870-8568

Agency Mission Statement:
Horizons works in partnership with families and communities to expand opportunities for individuals, with or at risk of, developmental disabilities.