Our Objectives

Currently, Routt County Youth Services Coalition (RCYSC) has over 33 member agencies.   The Coalition members join forces for a cause: fundraiser, legislation, petitions, programs, and more.  RCYSC addresses gaps in youth services through collaborations between individual member organizations.  RCYSC collaborative efforts, thus far, include Service Learning Corps (SLC), Parent Empowerment workshops, the Juvenile Justice Series, Anti Bullying project with Advocates and Boys & Girls Club, and continuing Violence Prevention – High School Peer Education project with schools.

Goals: The coalition has identified three primary goals, and related objectives to achieve those goals.

#1. To provide integrated and comprehensive services to all youth/young adults in Routt County.


  • Reduce duplication and identify service gaps;
  • Develop a comprehensive database that captures all youth services in Routt County, and that is easily accessible to all citizens;
  • Engage all youth serving organizations in the coalition.

#2. To unify the voices of youth advocates and service providers through shared goals, visions and accomplishments.


  • Scan community to determine youth services existing;
  • Hold quarterly meetings of all youth serving organizations to keep folks updated and present new issues;
  • Merge existing collaborative efforts when possible;
  • Create sub-task forces to address specific focused target populations, new initiatives or other identified needs.

#3. To provide greater public awareness of the importance and impact of youth advocates and service providers to the overall vitality of our communities.


  • Create a media plan to include a schedule of press releases and outreach activities;
  • Identify target audiences for outreach;
  • Make presentations to target audiences;
  • Track the awareness and attitude towards the coalition, its mission and projects associated with each outreach effort, and for each target audience.