Steamboat Springs High School

Organization Name:  Steamboat Springs High School

Agency Description:
Steamboat Springs High School has a student population in the low to mid-600 range. SSHS is on a rotating block 8 schedule in which students attend each class for 95 minutes every other day. Freshmen, sophomores and juniors take 7 classes each semester while seniors are encouraged to take 7 courses but must take a minimum of 6 classes first semester and 4 classes second semester. Advanced Placement courses are offered in English, American History, Calculus AB and BC, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, French, Spanish and Art. AP courses are open to all students, who have met the prerequisites. Students can earn a Diploma with Emphasis in ten different areas. For this achievement, students must take a rigorous series of classes, maintain a certain GPA in the discipline and meet other specific requirements.

Phone Number:  (970) 879-1562


Type of Organization:  School

Street Address:  45 Maple Street


Fax Number:  (970) 879-8039

Agency Mission Statement:   
Utilizing the best teaching practices, we will ensure that our students have the essential academic, ethical and workplace skills and knowledge to be successful in an ever-changing world.